Free Summer Meals

Again, during the summer of 2021, Morrill Schools is providing breakfast and lunch 7 days a week to all children 1 year old through 18 years old from May 20th - July 30th.

Children may eat breakfast and lunch in the Elementary Cafeteria at 505 Center Ave. in Morrill. If children are participating in Elementary summer school or Early Childhood summer programing then those children will get both breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria during the program days.

Elementary summer school students and those children who eat in the cafeteria on week days, may also request to receive weekend meals.

Any families who desire to have meals delivered to their homes rather than eating in the cafeteria may also call in to register for the delivery service.  We would prefer to put you on the list permanently for the summer for the weekdays and/or weekends that you desire delivery. However if you or your children are out of town for vacation or staying with relatives out of town for an extended period please notify us and we will suspend delivery during that time and resume upon their return.

Please call Brooklyn Young, the Early Childhood Building Coordinator.  She is taking all the calls for all children of the district 1 year old through 18.  Children do NOT have to be students of Morrill Public Schools to participate.

These meals are FREE to all children this summer - Funded by the USDA . We look forward to providing meals to your children. 

Call Brooklyn to register 247-3412.