District Case Information

Morrill Public Schools COVID-19 case count has reduced to one (1).  We currently have 55 students or staff under quarantine mandates but 51 OF THEM will be released from quarantine on or prior to November 30th, our first day back from Thanksgiving break!

Four (4) students have not yet received their return dates from PPHD from their exposure to COVID-19.  We are hopeful that these four students will also be able to return on November 30th.

During the Thanksgiving break, as all of us will gather with family and friends please exercise caution so that we don't contract COVID-19.  If you or your children (our students) begin to feel sick or if you learn that someone you had contact with over break begins showing symptoms, PLEASE keep students home after break until they are symptom free for 48 hours or have been tested, and have received the results.

Basketball, Wrestling, One Act, FFA Contests and EDUCATION of students are all in jeopardy by additional quarantining of students or staff.

All of us would be thrilled if this week break from school acted like a cleanse of our community and resulted in a dramatic decrease in cases and number being quarantined.