Extended Break at Thanksgiving

With the number of Staff and Students that are out for COVID, for Quarantine, or are awaiting test results, the TIME FOR A BREAK HAS COME.

We are going to extend Thanksgiving Break for all the buildings of the district. There will be NO SCHOOL, PRESCHOOL or DAYCARE for children Infant - 12th grades Monday - Friday, November 23-27.  

The school community needs a health break AND a mental and emotional break.  Our staff has been short handed in each of the buildings and we are short on available substitutes during this pandemic. Those that have returned to work after having COVID are experiencing pounding headaches and significant fatigue.

We hope that all the families will enjoy the extended break and that when we come back for the month before Christmas that we will be a healthier community.

For the next seven (7) school days, PLEASE, if your children are sick or symptomatic, if any family members are being tested for COVID, or have been tested and are awaiting results, PLEASE keep your children home from school to avoid further spread of the virus.