District Case Information

We waited as long as we could; we can wait no longer...

ALL Students Kindergarten through 12th grade and ALL Staff MUST wear a mask at all times on campus or at school activities starting tomorrow, Wednesday, October 28, 2020 through Christmas Break.  We will evaluate at that point how we move into the 2nd Semester.

We currently have 66 students/staff in quarantine or diagnosed with COVID and staying home.  That is about one quarter of our student enrollment.  Until Christmas we desire to safeguard our face-to-face situation.

All K-12 staff will comply with the Mask Mandate.  Any student who can not comply with the mask requirement will need to set up an alternative plan.  Contact Principal Homan or Principal Peacock to make those arrangements.

At this time the Early Childhood building is not implementing this procedure. Therefore we will not be offering AFTER SCHOOL CARE to ELEMENTARY age students during this time either. Starting tomorrow and until Christmas break, there will not be elementary after school care offered in the early childhood building.

We believe that FACE-TO-FACE learning is best for students, therefore we are striving and strategizing to safeguard that for Every Student, Every Day, All Year.  We must correct the current situation as much as it is up to us.  We hope that this slows down and subsides so that we don't have to carry on the requirement into January. Yet, if we do have to, that is still better than remote learning.

If your child is one of the 66 in quarantine now and you would like breakfast and lunch provided to them, contact your school office to request that.

More information will be forthcoming about Winter sports changes required by the NSAA.  We know for sure that EVERYONE AT ACTIVITIES will be REQUIRED to WEAR MASKS in the facilities; ONLY PARTICIPANTS won't have to wear masks while engaged in the activity.