Risk Dial Ratings by Community

The Morrill School District Communities are now 6 weeks in a row COVID-19 FREE.  Let's keep the streak alive.  Morrill's School Board and Administration believe that Face-to-Face  is the best learning platform for our students, so we are striving to do everything within our power to safeguard the learning environment for our students and staff.  

PVC barrier connectors arrived yesterday but they were the wrong size for the pipe we already have.  National Plastics (Dallas, TX) shipped our plexiglass partitions for the cafeteria on August 14th with a guaranteed delivery by August 20th. Unfortunately the carrier dropped them somewhere other than Morrill, and the carrier has tried to locate them and they are nowhere to be found.  Someone must have needed a lot of extra plexiglass.  The replacement order was processed yesterday and they are expediting the cutting and shipping for us. These barriers will be installed just as soon as we receive the components.

Because of the number of students on our buses, we STRONGLY encourage mask wearing on the buses in the morning and afternoons.  We are carefully monitoring temperatures and other symptoms three times a day.  I could foresee a MANDATORY MASK expectation on the buses VERY SOON for all passengers.

We will keep you posted, and of course the reason for any greater restriction or expectation is to safeguard our students and staff and to protect our ability to stay Face-to-Face.