Risk Dial Ratings by Community

The data in the chart is derived from pphd.org in the community tab above the risk dial. If you hover over each community dot, the risk rating will appear.

For FIVE consecutive weeks now, the Morrill School Community has had ZERO cases of COVID-19.  While that is true, the reason we are still in the yellow risk zone instead of the green risk zone is due to county/regional factors which also contribute to each community score.

It is interesting to note that Scotts Bluff County (as of 8/21/2020) has only had 25 new cases in the last 14 days and that number of new cases is fewer than it was two weeks ago. There are 43 active cases in Scotts Bluff County but only ONE active hospitalization related to COVID-19.

Morrill Schools believes that face to face learning is the best scenario to maximize student learning and we are striving to do what it takes to safeguard that learning environment so that our students can be at school for 175 days this year.

We are still waiting on the shipping of the plexiglass from National Plastics, Dallas TX for the cafeteria barriers, and the pvc connectors for the classroom barriers. However our staff is attending to the temperature screenings, disinfecting, distancing and mask wearing to safeguard the students and themselves.

Please encourage your student to wear their mask anytime that they are not able to be 6' apart. Also, whenever you need to enter one of the buildings as a parent or community member, we will be screening your temperature and asking you to wear a mask as well.

It will take us all working together to safeguard our ability to be in school all year long.  Thank you for your help and for the precautions you have taken over the last FIVE weeks to keep COVID out of our communities.