Typically, I refrain from discussing disciplinary matters in a public forum. However, to foster a sense of understanding and dispel any potential rumors that might negatively influence the school's atmosphere and the reputations of our students, staff, and programs; I feel it is important to address a specific incident that happened on Thursday, January 18 concerning our FFA students while they attended the National Western Stock Show in Denver, Colorado.

It was brought to the administration's attention that two students were believed to be vaping and were drunk while on the trip. Immediate action was taken, including contacting the sponsor, who conducted a preliminary investigation.  However, no evidence was found to support the report.

To ensure a thorough examination, the administrator met with the students upon their return for a final determination. It became apparent that the students had not been participating in the reported activities. Law enforcement was involved as a safety precaution, and testing revealed no evidence of alcohol consumption. The allegations against the students were determined to be unfounded.

We understand the importance of transparent communication with parents and recognize the concerns that may arise from such incidents. We openly acknowledge that there were some shortcomings in our communication during the investigation process as it unfolded. We recognize and take responsibility for these lapses, and we are fully committed to learning from them to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

We hope our students understand that we take allegations like this seriously, but also that we expect reports of misconduct to be truthful. Please be aware that if a report is found to be untrue, there will be consequences that must be administered accordingly. We aim to foster an environment where students are accountable for their own actions. We are committed to implementing measures that empower our students to make responsible choices and navigate challenges successfully.  By focusing on personal accountability, we aspire to create an environment that promotes personal growth and positive development.

The well-being and reputation of our students are of utmost importance, and we want to assure you that the students implicated in this report, did not engage at any time during the trip, in the alleged activities. We want to assure you that any negative stories surrounding these students need to be halted, and no longer considered as truthful or factual. The students have been found innocent, and it is important that we collectively support them in moving forward without unwarranted assumptions or judgments.


Barry Schaeffer, Superintendent

Morrill Public Schools