The following information is what we know about the incident involving  a collision with a school bus and a semi truck that happened this morning. 

We know that there was a collision on one of our rural bus routes, which was between a Morrill Public Schools Bus and a Semi Truck. The accident is being investigated by Law enforcement.  There were injuries to both, the driver of the bus, and the driver of the Semi Truck.  All of our students, who were on the bus, were evaluated by medical personnel at the scene and then released to their parents at that time. 

 Marvel Cole our bus driver was transported to Regional West Medical Center, and she has been evaluated and released.  The driver of the Semi was also transported to RWMC.  

 Our students, who were on the bus, did an excellent job of following emergency procedures, staying calm, and notifying the authorities.  We are relieved that our students were returned safely to their parents. 

 School Counselors and ESU staff will be available to assist any student who experienced any trauma from today's events. 

 If one of your students is in need of counseling, please contact the school office or the school counselor.