Welcome Back 2023 

School is back in session this week, first day for students is Wednesday August 16, 2023 it is a full day and we will have school on Thursday and Friday as well.  Thursday is a full day and Friday like all Fridays will be a 2:00 Dismissal. 

Our new hours for the PK building will be in effect beginning on Wednesday as well.


Additional changes to be aware of, are changes we have been working on for our bus routes.  We are down to four drivers available to offer bus routes. We had five total routes last year and because of this we had to eliminate a route.  The route chosen to eliminate was the route that went to Gering, Scottsbluff, and Mitchell.  We are also making adjustments to remaining four routes. 

We will not be picking up and dropping off students living in the village limits of Morrill and within a three mile radius of the Main campus buildings of The Early Learning Center/District office, Elementary School and High School.

Why changes you may ask?  We need to be more efficient in our routes and try to help prolong the life of our buses by reducing some of the stop and go driving and back tracking on county roads that are rough and sometimes difficult to maneuver. 

Those who ride the bus from Lyman and Henry have been two separate routes.  We have decided to combine those into one route with changes to how students will be picked up and dropped off.  Lyman will have two stops; one stop will be at Sugar Park (North Park) and the other stop will be at the old Lyman High School.  Henry riders will meet the bus at the Park in Henry.

Our southernmost route that goes to Highway 92 and west to the Stegall, then south and west will be asking some of our riders to meet us at Stegall to help us with eliminating some miles and rough roads. 

Our route North of Henry and west of Liberty Oil will be asking riders to meet at some closer corners and may consolidate some stops, we have eliminated some stops that required us to extend the route to pick up some option students.

I know our drivers have been contacting families to inform them of the changes, if you have any questions about these changes. Call me at my office number (308) 247-3414. 

If these changes cause you to decide not to ride the bus, you may contact my office and we can talk about how to collect mileage in lieu of the bus route.  Mileage claims may be made for the distance to the school minus the 3 mile radius, this is usually for students in grades K-8, with the rate set by the Nebraska Department of Education.

We will also be posting on our website the schedule of arrival for Pickup and departure times to go to the next stop, as well as afternoon arrival for drop off and departure times.   Try to be at stops for pick up before arrival and pick up time. Should we come to one of our stops for drop off and a parent is not available to pick up their child we will first try to contact the parent and if we cannot do that the child will be brought back into Morrill and we will contact the parent to arrange for the pickup of the student. 

Anytime your student will not be riding the bus in the morning or afternoon contact your driver and the school office to let us know.

Activities Reminders:

As we start up school our activities will be starting soon as well.  As a reminder when students are attending an event as a fan, any students that are not in  grades 9-12 should have an parent or adult accompany them for supervision.  

Students at home football games are asked to watch the game and sit in the stands.    At home VB games we ask students to sit in the student section or with their parents watch the game and cheer for our teams.  At the conclusion of the game help us to keep our Gym floor in great shape by not going onto the playing court.  Thanks for your help in advance.

I know the summer seemed to go by quickly but we are excited to start a new school year and we are looking forward to a great year of learning and growing by all of our students. 

See you soon!



Barry Schaeffer