An image of four house crests against a blue background.

At Morrill Jr./Sr. High each student belongs to one of four houses. A Friday at the end of a school year 6th graders coming into the junior high next fall take a turn spinning a big wheel which determines what house they belong to. The entire student body at the high school cheer and welcome the new students into their House.

Students gain points by displaying good behavior and citizenship, community service, and taking part in house competitions throughout the school year. Students do not lose points and points are not taken away, but only awarded for positive behaviors, actions, and competitions. House point winners each quarter are award with a fun afternoon of their choice, and a House Champion is award at the end of the year with a fun day trip for the entire house.

The system has proven to be successful in getting and keeping students involved on campus. When new students start, they already feel like they are part of something, and it provides more opportunities for leadership and mentoring among older students. The house system is a “family” within the school, and yet we all remain "Morrill Lions."