Special Activities

Public Service Announcements
8th Grade Internet Safety students have been working on creating PSAs. They are doing a great job of incorporating a "hook" and impacting a selected audience. Here are some samples.

Virtual Field Trip

Mrs. Mihevc's 1st grade class was awarded a scholarship to cover the cost of a virtual field trip to Morrill Hall at the University of Nebraska State Museum. Students got to travel through the wildlife exhibit as they listened to and identified animal sounds, explored animal behaviors, checked out habitats, and investigated survival sense.


BreakoutEDU involves a kit with a collection of locks, hidden contraptions, timers, keys, black lights, and other diversion hardware for the purpose of solving clues to open locks and solve a mystery. Ultra-engaging challenges are available for free from an online store. These games teach teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking and troubleshooting for success. As a part of a special project, all classes in grades 3 through 6 participated in a BreakoutEDU challenge. It was a huge hit by all!